HR Support

The challenge of managing people is interesting and exciting, but that's not the case for many business owners. For business owner's what they actually feel is that dealing with the endless problems that employees can present is time- consuming and distracts them from actually moving the business forward.  We can help.

Our HR support services are designed to help our clients deal with their people problems with confidence and as little stress as possible. If you're looking to just confirm that what you think you should or whether you'd rather hand over the entire problem to us then we can offer you our HR support solution.


HR Consultancy

HR done properly, really does add value to your business.

Every business should have in place contracts and policies and then there are those things that really make a difference.  Performance appraisals, career development paths and behavioural frameworks within the context of an HR strategy and effectively structured organisation - these are the things that are essential to support sustainable growth.

Whether these services are right for you will depend entirely on where you are on your business's journey and what you are looking to achieve, but when you're ready to move forward, we're here to help. At Strive Africa's HR Consultancy, we can take care of your Employment Contracts, Policies, Employee Development, HR Strategy and Organisation Structure, to make sure that you meet your legal obligations and protect your business.