The Strive Africa Foundation

Part of our community responsibility is the launch of our Strive Africa Scholarship Program.

The Scholarship program is in place from 2018 to help the youth of today to achieve a higher education.

Every year Strive Africa plan to provide 10 education scholarships to bright young talent, with five girls and five boys under the age of 13 being chosen based on their current schooling achievements.

The program shall provide free higher education, as well internships within various sectors of industry.

The aim of our program is to help create an equal opportunity for all talent to shine.

We feel a person’s financial situation should not dictate their access to an education.

Although we are starting with 10 students, we hope that with the help of our cooperate partners we can keep raising this amount year on year.

If you would like to hear more about the program and would like to get involved please contact our team on the following email address:

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